Edward S. Gazsi (Art Consultant)

Edward S. GazsiMr. Gazsi is a highly recognized illustrator, whose career has spanned fifty years. Ed.’s illustrative depiction of the landscape of Ireland in which Castle Gillian is set, is the inspiration for the look and feel of this new stage musical. The three-panel single illustration is an inspiring example of exquisite design, color and proportion.

Ed. majored in illustration at Cooper Union in NYC and at Brooklyn College under Philip Pearlstein, the famous American figurative artist. As a fine artist he has won several awards for his miniature art works.

He has received eight major commissions from National Geographic Magazine as well as commissions from HarperCollins to illustrate three children’s books.

He recently published five artistic anatomy books on Amazon Kindle – Anatomy Sketchbook – Vol. 1-5. The books compile years of his college lectures on the subject. The volumes are richly illustrated with hundreds of Gazsi’s figure drawings. Three other Kindle books, Children’s Illustrations of Ed. Gazsi – Vol. 1-3, gather all of his children’s books artwork. He also wrote and illustrated three Amazon Kindle children’s books, The Snow Queen: A Tale of Courage, Penelope’s Pearl, and The Costume Party.

Ed. and wife, Mariela, live in Florida. They recently co-authored a fully-illustrated Amazon Kindle book, An Artist Looks at Heaven – Revelations into the Afterlife. This unique volume contains one hundred and fifty computer illustrations. Gazsi is also an accomplished 3D artist and animator.

Ed may be contacted at [email protected] Some of his illustrations may be viewed at artistsites.org/Gazsi/

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