Ireland and Neutrality in WWII

The history of Ireland and the issue of its neutrality during WWII is only referred to in passing in Castle Gillian.  It is, nonetheless, a very real part of the story and affects the actions and motivations of both Robin Morrison and, especially young Gillian Morris.  So it is important to understand in the development process for this Musical.  In many respects, without the lingering and deleterious effects of the War acting on the lead protagonists in this story, there would be no story.

The effect on returning Irishmen, who had fought against Hitler and the Nazis, upon returning to Ireland is complicated and for many still, a bitter topic of remembrance. The 1993 RTE documentary, Atlantic Bridgehead, about the interactions between Eamon de DeValera and Winston Churchill during WWII and the issue of Irish neutrality gives excellent background to what is a difficult subject to reconcile.