Interactive Media

castle gillian picture excerptImagine you could ride in the all important horse race as ‘Dinny’ Lane on Benbecula, and try to win for the Castle Gillian racing stable.

Well, you are going to be able to do this in a world-first, 3-D interactive, horse-race game based on the track layout at Listowel.

And if you win the race, you’ll get access to a special area on this web site with loads of special features that the non-winners will be unable to access.  But don’t worry too much, if you lose, you can always start the race over and try again to be first past the post!

Whilst we’re busy building this online feature of our new Musical, you can swot up on horse-racing terms and all the elements that go into preparing a horse for race day.  You can check out some preliminary horse-racing lore and race-going facts we have put together at our Irish Horse Racing page.

The more you know about race terms and strategy, the more likely you will be able to bring Dinny on Benbecula over the line in first-place!

In the interim, here is a short video to demonstrate the type of 3-D game experience we are designing.  This example is very low quality and from the POV of the racegoers.  In our game, the POV will be from the perspective of our jockey, Dinny Lane.

Stay tuned.