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Opening Song to Act I

The first song to be released from the show is forthcoming – more details shortly. In the interim, please enjoy the above song (‘Hear Me God’) originally slated for the musical, but which has now been dropped in place of a new song.

STORYLINE: On the stone bridge separating the properties of Castle Gillian and Castle Evan, our two leads: Sylvia Gayne (of Castle Evan) and Gill Morris (of Castle Gillian) are arguing again. Intimate friends from birth, it is immediately clear to the audience that they are, as they have always been, deeply in love. But Gill, having recently returned from the War, is clearly not the same man. Sylvia is perplexed as to why her childhood sweetheart is a changed man, chiding him for his apathy to the problems that have beset Castle Gillian in his absence.